About Us

Comte Industries was founded in the early 1980’s by Alain Comte. The company manufactures Livestock Equipment and Hopper Bottom Cones. The cones are sold under Comte Industries Limited brand, while the Livestock Equipment is sold under Tuff Livestock Equipment brand.


Alain Comte grew up on a mixed farm. Al was very inventive and he spent his spare time building and improving livestock handling systems that were used on the family farm. Neighbors were so impressed with Al’s equipment that they wanted it for their own farms.┬áBecause Al grew up on a farm, he understands what works & what is important in designing and manufacturing equipment for every farm and ranch.


In 1982 a production line was set up in the farm shop. By 1985 the farm shop had to be doubled in size to meet the growing demand. Demand continued to grow, and in 1990 a factory was built on the south edge of town. Since then, the company expanded several times.


After 30+ years of consistent growth in the Livestock Equipment and Hopper Cone business, a new and bigger building started construction in 2011. Creating more space for new machines, better equipment, for growing market in Canada and United States.


Tragedy struck in 2015 when a fire consumed half the facility. But bad luck could not stop progress and growth. The community rallied to provide alternate facilities while a new shop and offices were built. Within the year, work was progressing at full speed and production has since reached new peaks.

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