Portable Handling System

Tuff Portable Handling System (PS1) Squeeze has parallel axis sides (both sides come in evenly so cow doesn’t fall to one side). Adjustable Squeeze from 16″ to 32″ Quick advance butt-bar to help move forward

Squeeze Chute

Tuff Squeeze Chute (SC1) Cattle squeeze chute with parallel axis sides squeeze evenly so cattle is not pushed over. Tuff Self-Catch head gate (spring-cushioned) with neck extender. Chute has built in Tuff Bi-Fold gate and

Image of Head Gate Assist focused on Head Gate half

Head Gate Assist

Tuff – Head Gate Assist (HGA) Manual assist to close Head Gate. Locks in bars for passive animals. Lever near rear to stay out of sight. Usable from either side. Available for: Tuff Squeeze Chute


Straight Alleys Built-in no-back 1 piece catwalk 1 lever adjustment from 30″ to 20″ Reversible for catwalk to be on either side Drop panel on side opposite catwalk for easier reach of animals Available in:AL8

Cornerless Crowding Tub

Tuff Cornerless Crowding Tub Standard version crowding tubs are made as one piece construction (for easy setup and strength) 2-way exit Overhead slide gate (not available in folding variants) 2″ square tubing construction around tub

Hoof Trimming Chute

Tuff HTC (Hoof Trimming Chute) The Tuff Pro Hoof Trimming chute accommodates the following : Hoof trimming Hoof wrapping PG testing DA testing AI The unit comes equipped with: Tuff Self-catch Head Gate Removable Sides

Maternity Pen

Tuff Maternity Pen (MP) Heavy duty Tubing frame and gates 7-bar sides (6’10”) Front gate with Ratchet stop Split front gate and side gate 4′ Ribbed checker plate floor 6′ rear access door Heavy duty

Calf Tip Table

The TUFF Calf Tip Table (CTT) is a user friendly, rotating calf table.  Designed with safety in mind for both animal and operator.  Great for animals in 150 to 350 lbs range.  Features include: Positive

Bi-Fold Gate

Bi-Fold Gate Both sides open from the centre out Can be operated from either side Available as a stand alone unit Included in Squeeze Chute and Portable systems Very easy to use Nothing interferes with

Palpation Cage

Tuff Palpation Cage The Tuff Palpation Cage is standard on all our squeeze chutes. Can be entered from both sides. Can be used for sorting animals or block the passage while working on the animal

Chute Cart

Tuff Chute Cart Chute transport cart is designed for ease of use. Just wheel up to the chute, wind up into position, lock it in and hook up to the vehicle. 2″ ball hook up.

Loading Chute (All-Purpose)

Tuff All-Purpose Loading Chute (APLC) Adjustable loading height from 12″ to 50″ 16″ wheels Self-leveling entry and exit pillars match the angle of the trailer 24″ road height for transportation stability 2″ ball hookup Entry

Head Gates

The all new “X–pose” head gate with neck sweep restraint system, safely locks the animal’s head, while fully exposing the neck area.  This allows operators to confidently perform many operations such as tagging, tattooing, injections,