Tuff Adjustable 17’ Alley
Tuff Adjustable 8.5’ Alley
Tuff Adjustable Alley lock on AL17
Tuff No Back on AL8
Tuff 3-way Splitting Alley with Right Exit
Splitting Alley in straight position
Splitting Alley in kick right position


Straight Alleys

  • Built-in no-back
  • 1 piece catwalk
  • 1 lever adjustment from 30″ to 20″
  • Reversible for catwalk to be on either side
  • Drop panel on side opposite catwalk for easier reach of animals

Available in:
AL8 (Tuff Adjustable 8.5’ Alley)
AL17 (Tuff Adjustable 17’ Alley)

3-way Splitting Adjustable Alley

  • 3-way exit
  • Adjustable width
  • Spring loaded divider panel
  • 1 piece construction
  • Can be placed anywhere in a stationary system
  • Adjusts from 30″ to 20″ when used as alley
  • Rope and pulley system
  • Spring loaded return gate for quick and easy sorting from a distance

Available in:
ALKR (Tuff 3-way Splitting Alley with Right Exit)
ALKL (Tuff 3-way Splitting Alley with Left Exit)

8.5' - W-3'8" H-7'2" L-8'9"
17' - W-4'3" H-7'2" L-16'11"
8.5' - 1100 lbs
17' - 1900 lbs
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