Tuff CCT8 standard
Full catwalk on outside of tub
Available in standard or reverse build

Cornerless Crowding Tub

Tuff Cornerless Crowding Tub

  • One piece construction (for easy setup and strength)
  • 2-way exit
  • Overhead slide gate
  • 2″ square tubing construction around tub
  • Available in Reverse or Regular Tub
  • Full catwalk around tub
  • Formed, ribbed sides for extra strength
  • Comes with 6″ panel to give angle to components

Available in

Tuff CCT8 (8.5’ Cornerless Crowding Tub)
Tuff CCT8R (8.5’ Cornerless Crowding Tub Reverse)
Tuff CCT10 (10’ Cornerless Crowding Tub)
Tuff CCT10R (10’ Cornerless Crowding Tub Reverse)

Cornerless Crowding Tub
8.5' - W-9'7" H-7'2" L-16'4"
10' - W-11" H-7'2" L-19'8"
8.5' - 2000 lbs
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