Tuff Squeeze Chute (SC1)
Tuff Squeeze Chute (SC1) Head Gate locked
Tuff Squeeze Chute (SC1) Head Gate set
Quick Drop bars with Blinders

Squeeze Chute

Tuff Squeeze Chute (SC1)

  • Cattle squeeze chute with parallel axis sides squeeze evenly so cattle is not pushed over.
  • Tuff Self-Catch head gate (spring-cushioned) with neck extender.
  • Chute has built in Tuff Bi-Fold gate and Tuff palpation cage which lock behind the animal to keep it in the squeeze.
  • Palpation cage has floor for comfortable working.
  • Adjust from 32″ to 16″ with one crank to accommodate virtually all your cattle.
  • Quick advance butt-bar to help move forward and prevent animals from kicking makes it easier to position stubborn cattle.
  • Ribbed checker plate floor
  • Sternum Bar included
  • Total Length : 12′
  • Full side and bottom doors open¬†fully for maximum room to work on animal.
  • Quick drop bars provide extra access to animal and open/close with ease.
  • Blinders on quick drop bars help to keep livestock calmer.

Squeeze Chute Accessories include: Head Gate Assist

Squeeze Chute
W-46" H-86" L-12'9"
2200 lbs
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