Portable Handling System

Tuff Portable Handling System (PS1)

  • Squeeze has parallel axis sides (both sides come in evenly so cow doesn’t fall to one side).
  • Adjustable Squeeze from 16″ to 32″
  • Quick advance butt-bar to help move forward & prevent animal from kicking.
  • Ribbed checker plate floor, for easy cleaning.
  • Two Bi-fold gates.
  • Alley adjusts from 20″ to 32″ with one lever
  • Built-in panel carriers.
  • Grease fittings for most moving parts.
  • Sternum Bar included.
  • Built-in, easy climb, full catwalks around tub and alley
  • Standard Extra-Large 8.5′, 3-way exit, Corner-less Crowding Tub.
  • Smooth & continuous flow of cattle speeds up processing and reduces stress.
  • Enclosed sides make cattle feel safe.
  • Neck Extender helps prevent the animal from moving back & breaking needle.
  • The self-locking, quick-attach hitch makes this portable handling system fast & easy to move to remote pastures & yards.

Old model shown. Alley locking system updated to lock bar as shown on standalone adjustable alleys.

PS1 (cropped 2)
PS1 (cropped)
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