Adjustable loading height from 12" to 50"
Lowers to 2' floor height for transportation stability
Cable winch adjusts height easily.
Loading Chute on Stock Trailer
Loading Chute on Cattle Pot

Loading Chute

Tuff All-Purpose Loading Chute (LCAP)

  • Adjustable loading height from 12″ to 50″
  • 16″ wheels
  • Self leveling entry and exit pillars match the angle of the trailer
  • 24″ road height for transportation stability
  • 2″ ball hookup
  • Entry door also acts as an alley gate
  • Advancement slot on loading side
  • Quick setup for desired height

Patent Pending

* Old model shown. Improvements include: Removed catwalk, added poke access and improved loading height range.

  • New model shown. USA green variant.
Loading Chute
W-30" H-5' L-13'
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